TRAILS OPEN Friday April 15, 2022
Please be respectful of landowners and avoid causing damage to trails that have not dried out yet.  Stay safe - Be sure your machines are registered with VASA (easy to do online using your cell phone) and remember your helmet!!!

See you on the trails!!!!

RT2 dual ATV usage starts May 1, 2022!

  1. This means that, as of May 1st, you can ride from the kiosk/trailhead off Royalston Corner Road in Concord-- facing Route 2 take the road that is on your right-- then head east along Route 2 to Alpine Valley Campground and Mooselook Restaurant.
  2. This means that, as of May 1st, you can ride from Shadow Lake Road (near the Fire Station) in Concord along Route 2 going west to Woodward Road, just west of Concord village

As always- remember this is a privilege and not a right. Do not abuse it- be respectful- laws of the road apply and unless crossing the road, ride on the shoulder of the road not on the travel lane and go with traffic -- we don't want to lose this access since it will benefit so many riders.

The Miles Pond Pavilion is NOT a trailhead and we ask that people not park there. The people that pay to rent the pavilion need to park there. We have parking at the trailhead at the bottom of Foundry Road in Concord.


The following trails are currently CLOSED: 

  • The trail from Ladd Road to Goodreault Hill Road is closed until June 1st for Youth Turkey Hunting. Our signs saying this trail is closed do not seem to be working. PLEASE honor this request so that we don't lose this trail. We are in contact with the land owner and we appreciate his patience....for now.
  • The intersection CA-108 going North to power line where it turns to go to the Horn of the Moon is closed until further notice.  Larry Brown has requested a section of Car Brook be closed due to ATV’s doing donuts at the pit, intersection by the tin shack & misc. areas.  New signs have been posted at both ends and intersection to back side of pit.



To ride the trails people need to buy a Trail Access Decal (TAD) .  TADs can ONLY BE PURCHASED ONLINE through VASA.  Just click on the logo below to start the registration process!



Trail Rules & Regulations:

  • Alcohol & Drugs are strictly prohibited on or at any Club functions or affairs.
  • All members under the age of 18 will be required to wear a helmet while riding on trails, and attending events, but we recommend it for everyone.
  • Any member receiving three or more ATV warnings or violations from a law enforcement official within one year, will have his/her membership privilege revoked for the period of one full year.
  • All members using Town roads to access trails will travel at the Town posted speed limit or less; unless it is posted specifically for ATV’s.
  • To keep the cleanliness of all trails – if you bring it in, you need to take it out.
  • Stay off from snowmobile maintained trails during snowmobile season.
  • If anyone under 16 years of age, they must join under a parent.